FAKE NEWS: NE Patriots Fact-check the New York Times – And It’s HILARIOUS

Published on April 20, 2017

Well, well, well. Looks like the NYT got caught. Red-Handed.

The New York Times is the new bastion of ‘Truth’.

Well, at least that’s their new marketing campaign.

Keep that in mind.

Now, check out the New York Times Sports tweet:

Just one teeny problem with that tweet. It’s not true.

Don’t worry, though, the New England Patriots FACT CHECKS the Times:

Athletes. Fact-checking the News? Considering their slogan, that’s got to be a little bit —

Here is the photo that the Patriots posted of the players and staff:

And it turns out that it’s just that the Sports Editor is an idiot.

Hey, it’s not my opinion, it’s his:

To be fair to the Times, there WERE some Patriots that sat the event out. (About two.)

But it was HARDLY a reason to try to recreate the tempest in the teapot they ginned up after Inauguration Day.

Just FYI, ClashDaily has decided to use a photo of the original tweet instead of a live link to it in case the Times decides it should scrub it from the internet memory.

So far, they have done no such thing, and the tweet is still out there in all it’s Fake News Glory — going viral.


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