FAKE NEWS: This Pic PERFECTLY Depicts How Literally ‘In Bed’ The Media Is With The Left

Written by K. Walker on April 4, 2017

Just how bad is it? It’s worse than you think. We don’t call them the Media (D) for nothing.

ClashDaily has had many articles detailing the longstanding love-affair between the Media (D) and the Democrats.

Some members of the Media (D) were steered away from stories critical to Hillary before the election.

But the Access Hollywood video was EVERYWHERE.

BuzzFeed and CNN were quick to jump on the Trump Russian hooker story.

The Media (D) are determined to make the Trump-Russia story stick — despite not one scintilla of evidence supporting it.

If you’ve ever wondered why the actual scandals with the Democrats don’t stick…

Wonder no longer:


That’s pretty revealing, isn’t it?

No wonder there was such reluctance to publish things critical of Obama and Hillary.

Imagine going home to a spouse that worked for the administration you just roasted on tv.

Or your next family dinner.

Thanksgiving would be a real bitch!

But just because the Media (D) is partisan, you can hold them to account.

ClashDaily has also given you a guide on how to label ‘fake news’.

You’re welcome.

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