MAKE MY DAY: Trump Carries A Little EXTRA Somethin’ In His GOLF BAG While Golfing

“Hey Dan, see anything strange about those clubs in the back?”

(Strange? Yeah. But AWESOME.)

According to the Palm Beach Daily, Mr. Trump recently played a round of golf at Trump International Golf Course in Florida, and he was accompanied by several Secret Service agents who rode in golf carts in front, beside and behind the President.

“Hey Dan, see anything strange about those clubs in the back?” one lunch guest inside the club room asked another, gesturing through the window to a golf bag in the trailing cart.”

The guest responded: “Sure do. They have triggers.”

“Yep, high-powered rifles nestled in there – just in case, heaven forbid, they are needed – with the woods and the irons and probably one of those little stubby pencils,” the local Florida paper reported. — Outdoor Hub


President Trump…


It’s Awesome!


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