KARMA: University Gets MAJOR Backlash From Donors & Students For AntiTrump Prof

Published on April 24, 2017

Remember that ‘white genocide’ professor? He’s back in the news!

It turns out that having a professor go rogue, and express racial and religious hatred on twitter has real-world consequences!

[Professor George Ciccariello-Maher wanted White Genocide. He wanted to ‘vomit’ when a soldier was offered a first-class seat. He wished Jesus had been aborted… no word yet on his opinion of Mohammed.]

You may have seen him as a guest on Tucker Carlson

In trolling and trashing others, he never stopped to think about what he was doing to the reputation of his own school.

The tweets, and the resulting complaints to the private Philadelphia school, triggered an April 3 email from the university’s provost to Ciccariello-Maher about his “extremely damaging conduct.”

According to reports, the email informed him about the formation of “a special committee of inquiry to investigate your conduct and provide findings and recommendations.”

The provost wrote that “at least two potential significant donors to the university have withheld previously promised donations,” while numerous prospective students said they would not attend due to the inflammatory comments.

Additionally, Pennsylvania State Senate President Joe Scarnati (R-Punxsutawney) and State Sens. John Rafferty (R-Montgomery) and Ryan Aument (R-Lancaster) wrote a letter to Drexel administration demanding Ciccariello-Maher be fired.

Guess what, George?

Free speech or no… as far as the University is concerned? The bottom line IS the bottom line. You’ve gone and bitten the hand that feeds you.

Have you so quickly forgotten that with respect to your employer, YOU are overhead, while the students and donors are profit.

Wisdom would learn that very basic lesson about not defecating where you eat.

Even the animal world understands it.

But academics are SOOO much more intelligent than the working stiffs. How can THEY be expected to lowering themselves to such mundane learning?

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