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WATCH: College Football Players SUSPENDED For Video Of Them BEATING A PUPPY!

There are just some things that you don’t do. This is one of them.

What is it with football players and their abuse of dogs?

Shalom Alvarez and Justin Akins, two Middle Tennessee State University football players have been suspended indefinitely after a Snapchat video was made public. Alvarez uploaded a video to his social media account of Akins slapping a puppy. A Snapchat user was able to record the video on her iPad and reported the incident to police.

The two were suspended from the team.

Their head coach, Rick Stockstill, in a weird statement, said the following:

I am aware of the situation and have talked to the players involved. The players explained to me that the puppy urinated inside and they were simply spanking it as a form of discipline. They told me there was never any intent to harm the dog. This was an important teaching moment. I talked to them about other approaches that should have been considered in this situation. And I pointed out how disciplining a pet in such a manner could be misconstrued, especially with the impact of social media.

Ummm… okay.

Is he defending the beating of the puppy or just trying to stand by his players?

It’s just not clear from that statement.

It looks like Akins is constantly getting in trouble. When Animal control investigators tried to get a statement from Akins, they found that he had been evicted from his apartment last May and not allowed there because of a shooting incident involving the police. He was also arrested in January for resisting arrest and possession of marijuana.

Sounds like a real winner.

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