WATCH: On ‘THE VIEW’ Senator Elizabeth Warren Compares Trump To THIS Despot… Is She For REAL?

Published on April 19, 2017

And yet, somehow, people KEEP electing her.

Hanging With the Harpies is bad television on the best of days. But adding Elizabeth Warren to the mix? That takes it to a whole new level of bat-crap crazy.

Here is the race-fraud reminding us exactly WHY the Democrats chose an ‘ass’ to be their official party symbol.

Ha ha. Trump is just like Kim Jung-Un. Ha ha. Such a funny partisan joke there. Have anything of substance to say, Lizzie?

Apparently, she doesn’t.

And then the woman who propped up Hillary Clinton …

— Who had gobs of foreign investment (One Saudi claimed to have backstopped her campaign by 25%)
— Who had undisclosed financial connections between her team and Russia
— Whose Charity was investigation for being a defacto pay-for-play slush fund
— Who couldn’t even get through the PRIMARIES without disenfranchising their OWN party’s voters

tried to tell America — with a straight face — that she was worried about Conflicts of interest with Trump.

The things you’re saying about getting China involved? That’s already happening. If you weren’t so busy taking the opposite side of every issue Trump was on, you’d get that.

For crying out loud, Elizabeth. Where did you learn how to be an opposition leader? Monty Python?

That’s not how this is supposed to work.

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