WTF? Bill Nye, The ‘Anti-Children’ Guy Says Families With ‘EXTRA’ Kids Should Be PUNISHED

You’d think for a guy that made a name for himself as a children’s tv show host, he’d like kids more.

But all of that takes the backseat to the leftist agenda.

The raging anti-family agenda.

And the ‘Save The Earth, Not The People’ agenda.

The two go hand in hand.

If there is anthropogenic climate change, then we’d better do something about it!

Hey, how about we push that ‘Choice’ a little harder. Maybe make it a litmus test for the Left.

Ergo we’ll need more funding for Planned Parenthood to succeed in the goal of fewer people to go ’round.

No worries, though.

Monogamy is ‘unnatural’ and sexuality is a spectrum, so if we end up with fewer women, no problemo.

Genital preferences are ‘transphobic’ anyway.

And as an added bonus, more Planned Parenthood employees will get their Lamborghinis.

But what do you do with the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing trolls that refuse to accept your computer models?

Call them ‘Climate Deniers’ and punish them with fines for having too many children.

Oh, and maybe jail them.

The ‘Deniers,’ not the children.

Unless the children are Deniers, too…

Watch ‘Bill Nye Saves The World’ (at the expense of humanity):


Well, then.

That’s not coercive at all, is it?

And they think that conservatives are the wacky ones?


But those Nigerian children are just fine because they live in a ‘developing’ country.

The damned First Worlders with their electricity, WIFI and Western values.

This is all about redistributing wealth and punishing the First World.


Because the Leftists believe that all cultures should be equal but… they aren’t.

And this is how they will achieve it.

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