BOOM! Here’s The 5 Groups Trying To DESTROY Trump

Published on May 17, 2017

Sean Hannity took to Twitter to call out 5 groups trying to destroy the President. What do you think of his list?

He named Five groups specifically.

Do you agree?

Are they out to take down President Trump? Did he leave anyone out?

1) The media.

2) Democrats

3) Deep State / Intelligence

4) Weak Establishment Republicans

5) NeverTrumpers

There was an election. Issues were discussed. EVERYBODY watched the process unfold, and the people cast their vote.

Now that he’s President, the #NotMyPresident crowd is out to destroy him.

If you think ‘destroy’ is too pejorative a term, how about ‘coup’?

As reported by Jake Novak:

The latest Trump-Russia leak suggests that there is a sustained effort to remove him from office.
Trump has been sloppy and made many mistakes but this is tantamount to a coup.
The attempts to push Trump out of office may be illegal.

Which one do you think is the biggest obstacle Trump faces?

Or did Hannity miss something?

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