DEAR LIBS: Your Boy Colbert Just Made It OK To BLAST You, With The Vilest Of Speech, On TV

Published on May 3, 2017

In looking the other way when Colbert used that phrase against someone you dislike… you have permitted that phrase to be used in ANY context on your network.

Failing to discipline him for saying it means you’re ok with it.

Which means you can’t really discipline anyone ELSE for saying the same thing now.

Either you shot yourself in the foot, or you’re a real trailblazer for Free Speech … even the offensive kind.

(We kind of doubt you intended to EXPAND freedoms. You were probably just cheering the Trump-mockery.)

But Milo points out the corner you’ve painted yourselves into.

You can’t REALLY speak out if someone uses EXACTLY the same phrase with a DIFFERENT target in mind.

[And by the way: Spare us the angry letters. This is a block quote. If the phrase offends you, send your hate mail to CBS. THEY are the ones who let the phrase go to air.]

Big win for free speech: Colbert has made “cock holster” an okay alternative to “mouth.” As a dangerous faggot I could always use risqué expressions, but now anyone can go there without fear of reprisals. To start you off: “Ruth Bader Ginsburg should shut her cock holster.” “Hillary lies every time she opens her cock holster.” “If Lena Dunham’s legs got as much work as her cock holster, she’d weigh 90 lbs.” “Like Paul Ryan’s cock holster, we’re always open.” from MILO ON FACEBOOK

Kind of a Catch-22 isn’t it?

They will want to be angry at Milo for saying such provocative things. But in being angry, they condemn their own silence when the target was Trump.

These leftist hypocrites don’t MEAN to be funny.

They just are.

Will they now wish they’d ‘blocked’ him from saying it?

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