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DEAR LIBS & MILLENNIALS: FYI … This Kind Of CLOTHING Ticks Off The Religion Of Peace

Face it: They hate us. Us, and everything about our way of life.

When any of us look at someone like Ariana Grande, we see a pretty typical Disney-pop-princess.

Clear skin, bright smile, long hair, big eyes, and shapely curves. Marketable, but not really different from several others before her, and — to be sure — to come after her.

In terms of her ‘look’ she’s comparatively benign compared to some of the more aggressively hypersexualized female musicians — including Miley, Madonna, Cher and Beyonce on that list.

She does play to a younger crowd, after all. She can’t go TOO over-the-top.

Now that it seems likely the atrocity in Manchester was carried out by a freelance ‘soldier’ allied to Islamic State, there’s good reason to think neither the venue nor the performer were chosen at random.
Why would anyone target a concert by the American singer Ariana Grande? The grim answer may lie in the fact that with her revealing stage outfits, her stockings, pink bunny ears and unabashed sexual confidence, 23-year-old Miss Grande is a symbol of everything Islamists hate.
According to the purist, medieval interpretation of the Koran favoured by Islamic State, almost everything about Western music, and the Western lifestyle that goes with it, is haram, or forbidden — and so merits a death sentence.
Indeed, one claim of responsibility for Monday’s attack stated: ‘The explosive devices were detonated in the shameless concert arena.’ —DailyMail

But of course, hypocrites that they are, don’t care to actually LIVE by the ‘holiness’ they demand OTHERS conform to:

(One great irony is that many of these young Islamists have a past of drug-dealing, debauchery and petty crime. Indeed, given all their injunctions against Western music, it’s striking how many of those who travelled to the Islamic State from Britain — such as Londoner Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, once photographed in Syria holding a severed head — were failed rap musicians.) –DailyMail

These are, after all, the same sort of gutless wonders who couldn’t handle kids being exposed to … wait for it… a soccer match.

ISIS executes 13 teens for watching soccer

When we have people picking nails out of the faces of little girls because some cowering worm got his panties in a bunch over an exposed midriff?

Any ideology that drives that sort of behavior? It’s beneath contempt.

And so are the people who embrace it.

Share if it’s time we SHAME Muslims and Secularists who sympathize with and make excuses for Islamists.