DEAR TEACHERS: Would You DENY A Kid Water On Sweltering Day Because It OFFENDS Muslims?

Written by K. Walker on May 31, 2017

What the — Would YOU put up with this crap?

This British mom was incensed when her son came home and was obviously dehydrated. Her 10-year old son came home and guzzled 3 glasses of water immediately.

It wasn’t until later that she learned why.

Despite having a water bottle that he is usually permitted to drink from during class, he was refused access to it because a Muslim student had a headache due to fasting during Ramadan, and the teacher said it would be ‘unfair’ to drink water in front of that pupil.

During Ramadan, Muslims fasting during daylight hours for 30 days or so. They don’t even drink water during the fasting hours.

The school wanted the students to be ‘supportive’ and ‘respectful’ of the Muslim students but said that it wouldn’t deny the children accesss to water.

Kora Blagden, 32, claimed a teacher at her son Luke’s school refused to let the 10-year old drink from his water bottle because it was unfair to fasting classmates.

Many pupils at Charles Dickens Primary School, Portsmouth, Hampshire, are fasting during Ramadan, which means they refrain from taking food or water between sunrise and sunset for around 30 days, depending on the moon.

The school has said pupils had been reminded to be respectful to classmates who were fasting but added it would ‘never prevent’ children from having access to water.

So what happened?

Well, somebody wasn’t so clear on the rules and banned all the students from having water.

And it was a very hot day.

Mother-of-four Kora said: ‘Just before bedtime me and my sons Luke, ten, and Alfie, eight, were talking about Ramadan as we had seen it on the news. Luke said to me he was told he wasn’t allowed to drink in class by his teacher.

‘The reason being, a child who is fasting had a headache and the teacher said it would be unfair if the other children drank in front of the pupil.

‘They normally have their bottles on their table but they were kept in a tray by the teacher. He went along with it but he was thirsty and didn’t want to offend the other children. Alfie said he was allowed to drink in the morning but not in the afternoon.
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L-R: Luke and Alfie, Kora


That’s leftist ‘tolerance’ right there, folks.

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