FAKE NEWS: Guess Who SKIPPED Kathy Griffin Story To Talk About Trump’s TYPO?

Written by K. Walker on May 31, 2017

CNN host and ‘Comedian’ Kathy Griffin does something reminiscent of ISIS, that’s not news. Trump has a Twitter typo and it is? Come on, now!

The Media (D) just isn’t even trying to hide their bias anymore.

Kathy Griffin’s disgusting publicity stunt ‘artwork’ ws just brushed under the rug by the Morning Joe hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

CNN is still ‘considering a relationship’ with Kathy Griffin going forward. (Griffin cohosts their New Year’s Eve coverage with Anderson Cooper.)

Squatty Potty has dumped her. (And then flushed.)

But Morning Joe on MSNBC decided that it just wasn’t worth covering.

In the first hour of Morning Joe on Thursday, the gang decided to discuss a Wall Street Journal article lamenting the decline of lunch — and we learned quite a lot about lunch habits. The New York Times’ Michael S. Schmidt said he was so busy he didn’t even eat it.

His Times colleague Nicholas Confessore seemed to agree even noting that he “missed the Kathy Griffin news last night.”

That was a third rail for Mika Brzezinski.

“Ok. We’re not talking about it,” she said to a round of laugher [sic] on the set. “I’m sorry it’s too gross. It’s just not worth doing.”


The ‘art’ that Griffin produced also had a response by President Trump that his 11-year old son, Barron, had a hard time dealing with it.

Morning Joe didn’t see fit to mention that tweet.

But then…

After they were done snickering at the Kathy Griffin news, Brzezinski and Co. moved back to the issue of lunch and then offered this tease of where the show was going next!

“We’ll ask award winning linguist, Nicholas Confessore to help us break down the word covfefe.”
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And then they outright mocked President Trump:

Clearly, what the Morning Joe team finds funny and what we find funny are two very different things.

Even Miriam Webster’s Twitter account got in on the joking.

Sorry, Joe. Looks like a whole lotta people find ‘covfefe’ funny.

Has ‘Morning Joe’ become unwatchable?

Let us know in the comments.

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