Libs Be Like: Trump Gives Classified Intel To Russians – BAD, TransGender Manning Gives Classified Docs To Wikileaks – GOOD

Written by K. Walker on May 17, 2017

Liberals and their dizzying, convoluted mess that THEY call ‘reason’.

Trump tells Russian officials something that has been reported on widely — a threat that ISIS could be disguising bombs in laptops and iPads, and everyone loses their minds.

The formerly incarcerated former-Bradley Manning gives thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, and he gets a slap on his limp wrist and this:

So, how ‘classified’ was the info that Trump allegedly spilled the beans to Russia about?

Well, let’s just say it was less classified than what Hillary had on her unsecured home-brew bathroom server.

We’ve all heard that it was ‘soooper seekret’ information.

So secret in fact, that the ISIS plot was reported all over the world in March.

If you read to VOX (and, I’m sure you don’t. I try not to… but it’s a good way to know what the ‘other’ side is thinking,) you can see that the allegation is that President Trump discussed an ISIS threat that caused a ban on laptops and iPads as carry-on items.

This was so very ‘soooper seekret’ that it was reported by several news agencies in March.

Here’s a brief list:

Tues. March 21

The New York Times: Devices Banned on Flights From 10 Countries Over ISIS Fears

Financial Times: High-tech airline terror threat alarms western nations
Wed. March 22

BBC: Flight ban on laptops ‘sparked by IS threat’

Daily Mail: So what CAN you take carry on to a plane? As governments ban gadgets over ISIS plot to down jets we look at the rules over what is and isn’t allowed

The Evening Standard: Laptop ban on UK flights is ‘due to Isis threat’

The Telegraph: Easyjet becomes first British airline to adopt laptop ban as Government confirms ‘evolving’ terrorist threat

Thurs. March 23

Inquirer: ISIS, al Qaeda focus on bombs behind laptop ban — experts

Mon. March 27

BGR: Terrorists want to disguise bombs as iPads, and that’s why they’re banned on some flights

Fri. March 31

CBS: Terrorist Groups Testing Laptop Bomb That Can Evade Airport Security, Officials Say


That looks like President Trump did something horrific that caused the death of an Ambassador in Lybia and 3 members of the United States — oh, wait.

No, that was someone else failing to act.

This kinda sorta looks like a nothing burger.

We don’t know what details President Trump allegedly gave.

And this whole story is filled with asterisks… it was *leaked *anonymously to the *Media (D) by *unnamed sources who don’t give out much *detail.

Also, it is interesting to note that the people that were there completely, flatly deny that anything inappropriate was said.

As for Free-as-a-Bird Manning… when did Liberals think it was cool to share info with WikiLeaks, one of the quadfecta factors that cost Hillary the election?

Ah, it’s that hierarchy of value that Liberals have.

When Brad gave up ‘Manning’ to try ‘Womanning’, all the bad stuff he did died with his masculinity.

And so, Chelsea must be a paragon of virtue and a ‘trans hero’ for standing up to the big, bad government.

After all, that embarrassing video of a US Apache helicopter killing 12 civilians in Baghdad was in 2007, at the tail-end of the Bush administration.

Who could blame Manning for wanting to disgrace that train-wreck of a Republican President?

Hmmmm… I think I see where this is going.

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