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WATCH: Female Reporter ATTACKED By ‘Refugees’ On Live TV

The shocking moment when this on-the-scene reporter was attacked BY migrants as she was reporting ABOUT them occurred on Live TV.

Francesca Parisella, an Italian reporter for TV network Matrix, was in Rome at the central train terminal with her cameraman explaining why many African migrants were sleeping on the ground.

While she was speaking to in-studio News Anchor, Nicola Porro, the camera dropped as the news crew was attacked.

Since the video was posted, it is has racked up nearly a half a million views.

Parisella was in the midst of explaining that the refugees were waiting to travel to Milan, where they could then migrate to other European countries, when the camera dropped as she said, “We’ve been assaulted.”

Pirro immediately asked, “What’s happening, Francesca?”

Parisella: “They assaulted us.”

Pirro: “Get out of there! Don’t worry!”

Then Parisella screamed at the refugees assaulting her, “What do you want? What do you want? You’re crazy!”

Pirro warned, “Oh, God. Francesca, get out of there,” before instructing his producers to call the police.

When the live feed resumed, Parisella was talking from inside a cab.
Read more: Daily Wire

The Italian tv station Matrix has posted the video to their Facebook page and corroborates the account.

A translation of the incident as reported by Il Giornale is available on the Vlad Tepes blog:

As soon as Nicola Porro connected with his correspondent around 11:30 pm at the Station Terminal of Rome to document the situation of the campers who congregate there at night, Francesca Parisella had just enough time to begin the connection before announcing, “They have assaulted us.” With the camera weaving, it was understood that the journalist and her cameraman were fleeing and the voice of the reporter changed in tone into an actual cry of fear. A few minutes later, Porro, from the studio, explained that, “Francesca is upset but well. They have destroyed the camera and beaten the cameraman. A situation such as this evening’s should not be a report from a war zone. Thanks to a taxi driver, a much worse outcome was avoided.” The version was confirmed by Parisella herself, by telephone shortly thereafter. “We were at a distance to report on the type of welcome we can give; they were disturbed and they assaulted us. They chased me and grabbed me by the jacket,” explains the journalist.

Here is Francesca with the taxi driver that rescued her:

Watch the shocking attack:


But the Left keeps telling us that the migrants are all ‘peaceful’ — they just want the same things you and I do. They want to start their lives over in a new place and live an honest living.

Except for the rape-y, violent ones.

The ones that will attack a reporter while the camera is rolling.

And the one or two that commit terror attacks on their new land.

But those are the exception!

Despite the frequency that these things occur.

New Year’s Eve 2015 in Cologne was an anomaly.

So is the rape epidemic in Sweden.

And the No-Go zones scattered across Europe.

The problem is that these ‘refugees’ aren’t assimilating into Western society, and pushing for Sharia Law in the West.

They want the West to assimilate to their culture.

And that falls right at the feet of the globalist Leftists.

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