WATCH: Guess The Religion Of The Dude Who ATTACKED Christian Minister

Published on May 23, 2017

Here’s someone who gets just as angry about First Amendment rights as the average Berkley professor. Wait for the twist!

Was the preacher particularly ‘in-your-face’?

Absolutely. Whether you think that was an effective approach or an obnoxious one doesn’t change the main issue. He was doing EXACTLY what every leftist touts as virtuous.

He was taking a LOUD public stand for a cause he believed in.

If he were wearing a pink knit hat, he’d be hailed as a hero to the Left. But he wasn’t. He used his bullhorn to make the case that apart from faith in Jesus Christ, we stand guilty before a holy God, and the consequence is Hell.

Some interacted with him, others kept walking. Until ONE guy came on scene. And he didn’t like that they said things about Jesus. Worse, he didn’t like what they said about HIS beliefs. (Can you guess where this is going?)

At first, he scolded and tried to intimidate the preacher and his friends. He didn’t back down. If anything, the preacher got more animated. He repeated and mocked some of what the ‘challenger’ had to say over the bullhorn.

He had a few choice things to say about Mohammed’s god — Moon-God. The word ‘dirty pig’ might have been thrown around a bit. And imaginary god.

He didn’t like it. He tried to tattle to the cop who was standing by. More than once.

Eventually, even the cop had enough and started shouting him down. The preacher has a RIGHT to say these things.

The arrogant challenger got nose-to-nose and kept yelling.

At some point, there was a scuffle, the guy in white charged at the sign holder (twice) and one of the preacher’s buddies started bleeding.

(See timestamp: scuffle starts shortly after 5:00 mark )

The guy with the bullhorn took the punk around the neck and pulled him away. But didn’t give him the pounding he so richly deserved.

The cop told the guy in white (you’ve guessed by now he’s Muslim, right?) to leave, but since the preacher was bleeding, they wanted charges.

After talking to the cop, the guy who pulled the attacker off was ALSO given a citation, for acting in defense of the guy who got bull-rushed.

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