WATCH: Here’s The PERFECT Truck For Dealing With RIOTERS Blocking Roadways!

Can you imagine how fast they’d drop those antifa flags when they saw THIS monster tearing up the asphalt? (LITERALLY ‘tearing up’. Check the video. It’s unreal.)

That would be one HELL of a way to make a statement. It would be almost like riding in on a dragon. Flames flying. The huge roar.

The jetwash of the jet engine strapped to the rig (did we forget to mention the jet engine?) pulling the asphalt up from the ground and sending it flying.

Do you think THIS would be a game changer?

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to see the look on their faces as they collectively soiled their pants? Not so tough NOW with your little masks, and wine-bottle grenades, ARE ya?

For bonus points, that thing moves like a bat out of Hell.


Share if it would be terrifying enough to be INSIDE that truck, let alone in front of it.

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