WATCH: What This Thug Did To A Bro With Cerebal Palsy Is DEMONIC

Published on May 24, 2017

Strength in real a man is admirable. THIS punk is NOT a real man… he’s a sick bastard, and faces jail time.

Real men use their strength to provide and defend. This sick SOB is a bedwetting coward. Have a look:

Man Mocks, Assaults Man With Cerebral Palsy

VICIOUS ASSAULT: Police have arrested and charged a 29-year-old man after surveillance video allegedly shows him mocking the way a man with cerebral palsy walks, before sucker punching him in the face. Details and Mugshot:

Posted by FOX 5 Atlanta on Monday, May 22, 2017

A sucker-punch to the face? That’s an admission of weakness in normal situation. It says you know you can’t beat the guy in a fair fight.

But to sucker-punch a handicapped guy? What shortcoming must this thug be ‘compensating’ for?

Watch how he congratulates himself after the fact. What a hero he imagines himself to be.

Color shouldn’t even matter. A guy with Cerebral Palsy has no ability to defend himself. That’s the lowest of low.

Let’s see how he swaggers in prison.

Share if this guy needs an ‘attitude adjustment’ in general population.