Blow Up Bras & Doctors Selling Cigarettes – Check Out The NON-PC Adverts From Our Past

Written by K. Walker on June 19, 2017

This is hilarious… and bizarre. But mostly just cringeworthy.

Times have certainly changed.

These ads show just how much times have changed.

We used to use dangerous products all the time.

Like these toothache drops with cocaine meant for children:

And of course cigarette ads:

Santa is a better celebrity endorsement than some random doctor:

Watch a clip of Mad Men where Don Draper is meeting with Lucky Strike:

Odd personal grooming products:

Can you imagine anyone using scotch tape to cut their bangs?

Dudes used to use this stuff? With that ad?

Then there are the pre-feminist ads:

Easier for you, sure. But he deserves it.

Domestic violence, y’all!

And whatever the hell a ‘blow up bra’ was:

Looks like the inspiration for Madonna’s stage costume in the early 90’s.

The cost of living was very different:

How technology has changed:

That ain’t no laptop, bruh:

How much for how many MegaBytes?

This oddly detailed beer ad:

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking goat ‘nads prominently displayed on a beer ad will not help sales.

This *ahem* ‘cordless massager’:

Is it for ‘personal use’?

And this horribly ‘cringey’ ad to promote abstinence:

This ad that looks like it was the brainchild of Roman Polanski:


Times sure have changed.

Most of these just leave one question — who the hell thought this was a good idea?

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