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CLASH POLL: Are You GLAD Trump DUMPED The ‘Paris Accord?’

Islam isn’t the ONLY one with a hatred for heretics. Look what happened when Trump pulled out of Paris!

Donald Trump has been lambasted by a German newspaper with the headline ‘Earth to Trump – f**k you!’ after he pulled out of the Paris climate change accord as world leaders unite to criticise him.
The Berliner Kurier used the expletive headline as German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday vowed ‘more decisive action than ever’ to protect the climate after the US pullout.
‘We in Germany, in Europe and the world will band together to take more decisive action than ever to confront and successfully surmount major challenges to humanity such as climate change,’ she told reporters.

She pledged her country’s continued commitment to the accord, saying it was a ‘cornerstone’ of attempts to protect ‘our Creation’.
In a short statement to the German parliament, Merkel said there was no turning back from the path that began with the 1997 Kyoto climate protocol and continued with 2015’s ‘historic’ Paris deal.
Merkel said there was no turning back from the climate change pact.
‘The decision of the US President to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement is very regrettable, and I’m expressing myself in a very reserved way when I say that,’ she said, adding that the deal was needed to protect the environment. —

But since Trump hasn’t ruled out re-entering the agreement under terms that don’t leave USA having a both lopsided financial burden AND an unequal obligation to comply, what is the REAL objection?

He’s open to entering into an agreement that doesn’t unfairly burden America.

But they’re not hearing that. Because they don’t care that USA will be on the hook for billions a year. (And China won’t.)

Actually they ‘DO’ care. That was exactly the point.

These other nations are like someone who orders surf and turf on the first date and is outraged when the bill get split.

They want to dine like kings (on their ideology) and make America pay for it.

What that REALLY means — which Trump understands, but Obama didn’t — is that every billion America pumps to tilt at windmills overseas doesn’t come from ‘the Government’. It comes from the taxes of a single mom who has to wait tables to make ends meet.

It comes from the miner who descends to the heart of the earth, and comes out covered in sweat and dust, hours later.

The farmer. The soldier. The lawyer, manager or franchisee who sometimes works 80+ hours a week.

THAT is who is stuck with this bill. Again. And again. And again.

And Trump said, ‘NO!’

Becuase he is putting America first.

Europeans (and other leftists) will piss and moan. But what about you… the taxpayers who would be on the hook for the untold Billions a year? What do YOU think?

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