CLASH POLL: Would Kathy Griffin Make A GREAT Demonic Raggedy Ann Doll?

Published on June 1, 2017

Are we letting a PRIME business opportunity pass us by?

People LOVE their scary clowns. Who the hell knows why, but it’s ‘a thing’.

Whether it’s Stephen King’s ‘It’

Or this:

Or a host of others in any web search, people seem CAPTIVATED by them. So why not turn a profit? You saw the “Little Kathy Goes Jihadi” picture, right?

She tried to profit (or, let’s be honest, kickstart a stalled career) by riding the anti-Trump hate wave. She was happy to profit off the negative use of his likeness without permission or compensation.

She’s OBVIOUSLY ok with people doing that. So for anyone looking to make some extra scratch this Halloween, this might be your ticket:

Because we believe in something better than censoring people we disagree with. We believe the best answer for free expression used badly — is MORE free expression.

How, exactly, would she feel on the receiving end?

Who cares? It’ art. Or comedy. Or whatever the hell her excuse was.

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