CLASH POLL: Should The Man Bun Be Called A ‘Douche Knot’ Instead?

Published on June 25, 2017

People are waking up to the obvious: even the ‘right’ way to wear a ‘man-bun’ is the ‘wrong’ way.

Man-bun is an oxymoron. And yet, people are still wearing them.

We thought this was a passing phase. A problem that would sort itself out quickly. People would wear them, get laughed at, and then stop.

Inexplicably, that didn’t happen. Instead, it got ‘normalized’. The ‘Ken doll‘ now has one.

This needs to stop.

Or at least ‘cut it with scissors’.

It doesn’t make you look ‘manly’. Even regular news outlets are taking time to spell that out for guys who didn’t get the memo.

Liz Jones, for example, unleashed HELL on guys who think it’s a ‘good idea’. They had it coming.

Some captions from the article:

Left: Leonardo DiCaprio is trying to escape his pretty-boy image. Job done.
Right: Brad follows rule No 1, loose tendrils… but not rule No 2, just NO!
Left: The 1D star once looked like Crystal Tipps on crystal meth. This is worse. Right: Shaved sides make Colin Farrell look dim

Do we need to SHAME them into stopping?

Ok then. That tacky tattoo chicks were putting on their lower back was dealt with. Once people called it the ‘tramp stamp’ the fad passed pretty quickly.

It’s not worthy of the name ‘man-bun’.

Would you prefer the term ‘Douche-knot’? Or do you have a better name in mind?

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