This Movie Is Selling Guns Used In The Film – Libs Heads Will Explode!

Published on June 25, 2017

Finally, a ‘crowdfunding’ project that a Patriot can get behind. The expected liberal outrage makes it even MORE awesome.

The movie — The Reliant — has been filmed already. But there were some unexpected post-production costs.

What did they do to cover those costs? They’re selling off the guns used for the movie.

From the email they sent out:

All of these firearm sales will help fund some unexpected post-production costs associated with the movie. By the way, it’s looking and sounding real good! We’re halfway done with James Everingham’s creation of the score – which will be recorded at The Abbey Road Studios in London in September, and the Visual Special Effects experts David Hansen and Clinton Jones are full speed ahead, having recently got some technical things out of the way with the editor Steve Hullfish and color grading specialists. The movie should be finished with the polishing by the end of September.

We also have a “secret perk” on our indiegogo crowdfunding site – the lovely Remington 700 .308 bolt action rifle used by the villain played by Brian Bosworth, with his signature on the stock! Okay, so it’s not a secret anymore. :-). This is owned by the producer but being donated to the production to help raise money for some unexpected post-production costs.

We also have the motorcycle helmet worn by the stunt coordinator Rick Shaw in the stunt wherein he drives the motorcycle through the glass doors of the gun store in the riot. You can catch a glimpse of that action in our teaser:

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