Published on June 1, 2017

One man’s memorial is another man’s …

… GARAGE SALE??? Seriously?

Remember the Manchester concert where the cowardly loser didn’t have the guts to face a REAL enemy, so he blew up some little girls after a show?

Manchester remembers. There’s a memorial for the fallen. And you won’t believe what one ‘migrant’ got busted doing at the memorial.

Mark McNally, 43, was heading back from his local pub when he claims he saw the men take two bunches of flowers and a blue Smurf toy from the display.

When confronted, the men claimed they ‘didn’t know’ what the memorial was for and just thought the flowers were ‘very nice’ and so took them.

Mr McNally, from Manchester, was furious and told the pair to return the flowers and to quickly leave otherwise he would phone the police or ‘knock the s***’ out of them.

[Which seems a very reasonable response, under the circumstances. He actually gave then a chance to put them back before kicking their teeth in. How many of OUR readers would have shown that restraint?]

‘There had been a vigil at the sundial in the centre of town for the victims of the attack and people laid flowers, cards and teddies there.
‘At first, I’d had a couple of pints and I sat down facing the road waiting for my bus.

I wasn’t sure what they were doing but they were acting a bit strange so that’s when I started to film them.

‘I saw one of the guys with flowers in his hands and originally I thought he was going to put them on the memorial but then I saw them walking away with them.’

He was also helped by a passerby on the night, Tyler Willerton, who chased down the men as they walked away and took the flowers to lay back on the memorial. –Read More

What is WRONG with these people?

It makes you wonder what they’d been saying to each other on the scene while they were ‘acting strangely’. Maybe something like:

‘It’s not like any of those dead kids are gonna need this, am-I-right?’

These people are obscene. Could crap like THIS be why there’s tension between these clods and pretty much everyone else on the planet?

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