LMAO! Mark Steyn’s REMARKS About Liberal Tree Humpers Will Make You SPEW Your Coffee!

Published on June 2, 2017

Hey Liberals, before you watch this, you might want a stiff drink, or three.

Just to relax you.

Because the foundations of your worldview are about to get torched by one of the best.


Good to see ClashDaily isn’t the ONLY one calling this out as the Left’s Religion.

What about this is so hard for Liberals to get?

Being blown up by young men with suicide vests? That’s a real problem with a known cause and some attainable solutions.

Earmarking hundreds of Billions of US dollars to be shipped to some undisclosed destination in some as-yet-undetermined purpose in ‘greening’ countries with WORSE pollution records AND environmental laws more lax than ours?

To combat something predicted by environmental models that weren’t even correct to 2015?

Some of us find that thinking little suspect. Irrational, actually.

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