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WATCH: Look How QUICK This Little Boy Starts DROWNING

This. Is. Horrifying.

With all these people around, this little boy was struggling to stay alive.

The boy seemed to have wandered into water too deep for him to touch the bottom and it all went downhill from there.

The video was posted on Imgur with the caption claiming that the boy was left unsupervised while his mother was in the sauna, though the claim hasn’t been verified.

The incident occurred at a pool in Helsinki, Finland.

Horrifying footage shows a five-year-old boy seemingly start to drown at a crowded pool in Helsinki, while other swimmers carry on oblivious to his plight.

Footage posted to Imgur shows the youngster struggling in the water for several minutes before losing consciousness.

User Irongross who posted the video, claims the boy was left unsupervised while his mother spent time in the sauna, although this statement has not as yet been verified.

Thankfully the child was resuscitated after a woman finally noticed his body floating on the surface, and has not suffered any permanent harm.


For an agonising minute, he continues to bob along in the water face down before a woman finally notices and pulls him out.

‘He was under water four minutes 36 seconds and was saved when his lifeless corps floated next to unknown woman,’ the poster explained.

‘Boy was resuscitated and didn’t suffer permanent damage.’

The footage has since been viewed more than 173,000 times on Imgur.
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That was unbelievable.

No one noticed or if they did, no one took any steps to intervene.

Pardon me for being all ‘judge-y’ here — but how do you not notice a 5-year old drowning next to you?

How do you not recognize that as drowning?

Would the gasping and splashing not be an indicator?

This boy wasn’t isolated and there were adults swimming right next to him.

He would have died in the midst of a crowded pool.

This is a good reminder to keep an eye on your kids.


Negligent mother


And maybe — to keep an eye on other people’s kids, too.

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