WATCH: Newly Discovered Video Of The LIBERAL Gunman Ranting Like A LUNATIC

Published on June 15, 2017

Well, look who turned up at an Occupy Wall Street rally. He even gave an interview for the camera.

Yep. Sounds JUST like you’d EXPECT a Bernie Sanders supporter to sound.

But wait, there’s more! What kind of a guy was this Bernie supporter?

The ‘Bernie bro’ frequented Pork Barrel BBQ, a local bar near the baseball field, often stopping in during happy hour or to watch golf games, staff told
‘He definitely creeped out all our female bartenders,’ said Jamie Craig, a bartender at the restaurant. ‘I tried to shy away from him… just a feeling, he gave me a weird, odd vibe.’ Read more

He came to the bar regularly. Drank alone. Said little, and left.

The report went on to tell about one time when he grabbed his daughter by the hair, but wasn’t convicted of any charges.

Was YOUR news source reporting that he was a volunteer for Bernie Sanders? Or that he wanted to ‘kill as many Republicans as possible’?

That he splashed Pro-Bernie and Anti-Trump rhetoric all over his Social media?

That Liberals CHEERED the shooting of Republicans and found it FUNNY?

But they’ll find a way to distance him from any personal POLITICAL motivation… just like they distanced the actual schizophrenic who shot Giffords from any — oh wait.

They all blamed that on Sarah Palin… facts be damned.

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