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18yr. Old Girl Killed By Distracted Driver – Judge Hits Man With Powerful Punishment

Wow. What do you think of THESE additional conditions?

Daniel Crane is a tractor-trailer driver. In August, his distracted driving caused a 7-vehicle collision which took the life of 18-year old Summer Lee. He had been following too closely to Lee’s SUV and his truck pushed her vehicle into 5 others. The collision killed Lee and injured 7 others.

Crane pleaded guilty vehicular homicide and following too closely. He received credit for jail time already served and was released. But it’s the conditions of his probation that are interesting.

A New Mexico man has been ordered to carry around a photo of the 18-year-old girl he killed when his truck ploughed into her SUV.

The Georgia judge said he hoped the picture of Summer Lee would force him to think about the life he took in the seven-vehicle pileup near Atlanta.

Daniel Crane, 50, pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and ‘following too closely’ in the collision that killed Summer in August.
Source: Daily Mail

Judge Rusty Carlisle said that he was particularly moved when Summer’s mother, Kimberly Lee had said in her statement that she had forgiven Crane.

The judge said, ‘I said to myself, “This fella needs also to be reminded of the fact that she forgave him and of the life that he took.” ‘It may stay folded in his pocket and he may never look at it, but if he knows he’s got to pick it up every morning and put it in the pocket of whatever clothes he wears, then maybe that will make him think a little bit about what happened.

Kimberly Lee was pleased with the judge’s additional conditions.

Neither the family nor the prosecution had pushed for the additional requirements.

Judge Rusty Carlisle is a senior judge and was filling in for the day for a colleague that would have been presiding over the case but had a death in the family and was absent.

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