Ann Coulter Vs. Delta: Airline And Firebrand In Heated Twitter War Over Her Pre-Booked Seat

Written by K. Walker on July 17, 2017

Delta is learning why it’s not a good idea to tick off Ann Coulter.

She’s got Twitter and she’s not afraid to use it.

When she does, her scathingly witty tweets are bound to go viral.

If you’re not on Twitter, you don’t see how dark the Twitterverse gets.

It’s like the wild west out there.

It’s full of fun, but you’d better be packin’.

Because the limit is 140 characters, you have to be pithy and punchy.

Ann Coulter is already those things and has a 1.61M people following her.

That’s a PR nightmare.

The only thing that Delta could do worse than treating her badly is to challenge her on her claims.

To that, Delta says, ‘Hold my beer’.

The conservative commentator, 55, went into a Twitter tailspin when she was forced to give up her additional legroom seat, insulting Delta staff and her fellow passengers and even tweeting photos of them to her 1.6million followers on Saturday.

Delta, seemingly done with Coulter’s insults, tweeted at her Sunday night: ‘We’re sorry you did not receive the preferred seat you paid for and will refund your $30. (cont)’ and adding with a kick:
‘Additionally, your insults about our other customers and employees are unacceptable and unnecessary.’
But Delta’s response seemed to set Coulter off again, who was still tweeting around 2am eastern time on Monday morning.
Source: Daily Mail

Here is a condensed version of the exchange:

Delta didn’t want the Twitter ranting to continue, so they requested it be addressed privately.

Unlike the very public moving of Coulter on the plane itself.

(Can you just imagine what that was like?)

Ann was so miffed that @Delta even made it into her regular tweets.

Coulter was relentless:

And she had a lot of support.

After all, traveling by air these days is about as pleasant as watching CNN if Gilbert Godfrey was their new anchor, amirite?

And then, finally, she got something.

But it was snarky.

That was a mistake.

But of course, you know who got the last word, right?

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