BREAKING: Trump Tweets That This Group Will Not Be Allowed To Serve In The Military!

Published on July 26, 2017

Tweetstorm? Trump just triggered a sh-t storm! If politics were not polarized before, we will be now.

The Democrats have come a LONG way from JFK’s ‘ask not’ speech, haven’t they?

The Left always needs a ‘wedge’ issue to divide us. An ‘oppressed’ group to whose defense they can ride as the knight in shining armor.

The current wedge issue is Transgender. Bathrooms. Pronouns. One issue after another.

Not long ago, they pressed the issue of their medical rights within the military.

ClashDaily Covered that story here.
Unexpected Result In House Vote On Military Funding Transgender Surgery

The Government was expected to foot the bill for gender reassignment surgery and not just the therapy costs, which were already covered. (As you can guess, it isn’t cheap.)

It was a ‘win’ for Transgendered people within the military. Or so they thought.

That ‘win’ was short-lived.

Writing a blank check to an unknown number of recipients with an offer of medical treatment that is not affordable to the ordinary person actually incentivizes systemic abuse. This is not anything like an influx of people who are joining the military for a free college education (which has long been considered a reasonable concession).

What, was the VA not overburdened enough already, that they had to invite an unknown number of people to seek out ‘free’ medical treatment through the military?

The President consulted with the Generals. And this was the response they came up with.

If their service comes with the ‘strings attached’ of obligating the taxpayer to pay for reassignment surgery with — at best, ‘controversial‘ outcomes — then their military service will not be required or desired.

There are any number of other medical conditions that will disqualify someone for service.

The ‘victory’ that Transgender advocates thought they had just won forced their hand to this.

There’s going to be a sh-t storm over this for sure.

Did Trump and the Generals make the right call?

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