Clash Poll: Will You Watch The NFL This Year If They Keep Up Their Leftist BS?

Published on July 29, 2017

A new poll came out to explain what happened with last year’s lousy NFL ratings.
Can you guess?

The ‘sportscasters’ were so busy cheering the ‘courage’ of Kaepernick’s Anthem fiasco, nobody thought to ask the fans what THEY thought about it.

Turns out, they didn’t like it. At all.

According to a new poll from J.D. Power, the #1 reason fans decided not to watch the NFL last year was the national anthem protests, which ended up spreading to several teams and multiple players. Fully 26% of people who said they watched less NFL content last year said they did so because of the national anthem nonsense. Another 24% said that domestic violence and delay of game penalties kept them away.

This is the second major poll to confirm that Leftist politics drove Americans from watching football. In October 2016, 56% of fans said that they believed ratings were down because of the national anthem protests. —DailyWire

Maybe — just maybe — we’re sick of every damn thing becoming a vehicle for Leftist propaganda.

Maybe we actually want a BREAK from politics.

Maybe sports is supposed to be a kind of escape from the rigors and battles of everyday life. And this bs is taking that escape away from us.

Have you noticed that not all sports played along with this little game?

Hockey, for example, is so far the other way that when there were audio problems, even CANADIAN fans sang along with the American anthem. Because patriotism — and even the rival team’s nation — is respected there.

Will they stop this foolishness? Or are they so committed to their agenda that they’re happy to drive the ‘deplorable’ fans away?

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