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Gun Wielding Thug Threatens Cops, Gets Turned Into A Human Spigot

Now that cops are wearing body cams, we’re getting to see some of the hairy situations they have been finding themselves in.

Split-second life-or-death decisions.

Chasing the bad guy with the gun. What do you do? Fall back and let him get away? Or close the distance?

They are cops. They charge headlong into danger.

The thug shoots at them. They draw their service weapons and… well…

The ‘human spigot’ reference is not hyperbole.

They put him down. It looks like something out of a slasher film. There’s footage if you can stomach it. Be forewarned. It is not for the weak of stomach. Link is here if you can handle the gore.

The officers responded by dumping 19 rounds into the suspect in about 8 seconds.

The shots appeared to have opened up an artery in Chafoya’s leg, and he was pouring blood like an open faucet.

It was apparent that the Chafoya wasn’t long for this world. At least, that was until Officer Hebb grabbed a tourniquet from his ankle and applied it to Chafoya’s leg. He is now expected to survive.

Yes — the guy who just tried to kill them for no other reason than doing their job rushed to help the guy they had just dropped.

Blood was running freely. They didn’t worry about what infectious disease they could be exposed to… they didn’t stop to ‘glove up’. They went straight to saving his sorry life.

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