Kat Von D Proves Too Many Tattoos Can Make You Dumb AF With Anti-Trump Rant

Published on July 24, 2017

It was supposed to be a little publicity stunt for her brand.
It backfired.

Kat Von D shows her true colors, and they aren’t pretty. If the Jackboot fits…

The contest in question was held by reality TV star, overrated tattoo artist, and general pain-in-the-ass Kat Von D. It was held on Instagram and involved submitting photos using Kat Von D’s make-up brand. A woman named Gypsy Freeman won the contest and was supposed to get $2,100 in prizes, including a trip for two to Los Angeles to meet Von D and be a part of some lame ass marketing thing. — Downtrend

Pretty normal so far, right? Submit entries. Call a winner. Give a prize.

So after she won, people wanted to know about the winner.

Would you believe it? (dramatic gasp!) There was a pro-Trump post on her Instagram account last year! The horor!

Kat pulled the prize.

“My launch party [and my brand] celebrates many things that Trump is against, and I just need you to know that I personally have a hard time with inviting anyone who would support such an anti-feminist, anti-homosexual/LGBT, anti-immigrant, and anti-climate change fascist such as Trump,” wrote Von D. — Downtrend

A couple of things here…

First — she doesn’t seem to notice the irony of her wanting to refuse her work being connected to a cause she cannot morally support.

Will she be testifying in support of the Christian Bakers who were pushed into bankruptcy for making exactly this sort of a moral distinction in what causes (in this case gay marriage specifically — not gay customers generally) they would refuse to support? Or is she openly a hypocrite.

— she had awarded the prize to the contestant and pulled it after. That’s not how these things legally work. If she wants to make a stipulation in an open contest that makes specific exclusions, it needs to be specified in the contest rules BEFORE you run it. (And that’s supposing that a contest excluding people of a political persuasion is even legally valid.)

By changing the rules AFTER the winner was announced, Kat Von D has opened herself up to lawsuits.

Von D scrubbed any mention of this contest from the Internet, but the news was able to find a cached version of the contest rules. It didn’t say anything about having to be a left-wing lunatic in order to win, so I think Freeman has a pretty good lawsuit here.– Downtrend

Third — She can’t prove her claims about Trump being ‘anti-LGBT’. One of Trumps earliest and Biggest supporters in the election was Milo (this video is before Iowa’s Primary). Trump didn’t particularly care which washroom in Trump tower Jenner decided to drop a deuce into. That answer annoyed Republicans, but there it is.

So she’s not just a hypocrite, but she’s ridiculously misinformed.

She’s been blindly drinking the hate-laced Koolaid that Hollywood, CNN and the DNC have been spewing since Trump won the Primaries. And she isn’t particularly good at thinking for herself.

Last — her claims of ‘fascist’ describe HER better than they do Trump.

Trump has never demanded one-party loyalty (like she does).

He has never had an ideological test to do business with him (like she does).

She is demonstrating her ‘tolerance’ by slandering a customer stupid enough to have bought Kat’s products and take her on good faith that her word (in the contest) was actually worth something.

And just in case things aren’t liberal enough, Von D ends by calling freeman a Nazi-sympathizer:

“I would feel the same way towards people who supported Hitler, or any other fascist,” Von D said.

Fascists? Which party shut down the voices of their own citizens because ‘they knew better’ than the masses of stupid voters? Which Primary was rigged by privileged insiders?

Right. That was the other party… the one Kat voted for.

The SAME party that wrote treaties (Paris) without Congressional authorization, and entered wars without Congressional approval.

Maybe she should spend less time SCOLDING people, and more time learning actual facts.

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