Video: Black Whiner Accuses Rich Dude Of ‘White Privilege’ – White Bro Takes Him To Realityville

Published on July 24, 2017

This guy rolls up in a dream car and gets flipped off for it.
Instead of getting hostile, he started a conversation that changed BOTH their lives for the better.

It’s amazing what can happen when we get beyond our petty differences.

The guy who flipped him off found out just WHO it was he was writing off as ‘privileged’. And they had more in common than he thought.

From there, he found out a few things about his own life, his current reality, and what his future can look like.

The way that conversation wrapped up shines like a beacon of hope.

This is the kind of thing we ‘deplorables’ mean when we say Make America Great Again. It’s really a message of hope… for ANYONE willing to embrace it.

This is how ALL conversations like this COULD end if we had a little understanding — first about what the real world is really like when we stop lying to ourselves, and when we start seeing each other as PEOPLE rather than Us-and-them.

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