London: Watch Religion Of Peace Thugs Destroy Neighborhood And Cow The Cops

Published on July 6, 2017

When a violent mob can chase off those who are supposed to uphold the law … and laugh about it, your country is in serious trouble.

They don’t respect the cops.

They don’t fear the cops.

They know there will be no meaningful reprisal or consequence.

And what happens next?

London: The situation is becoming every day more and more dangerous. Take a look.!!! Against the police…Leave your comments. ????????????

Posted by Conservative Britain on Sunday, July 2, 2017

Rule of law is quickly replaced with the ‘law of the jungle’.

The fiercest and the most violent will — by default — control the streets. And the ordinary people will no longer be under police protection, but at the ‘mercy’ of whichever local thugs (which in other countries would be called Warlords or Tribal leaders) happen to be in charge.

In London they happen to be called no-go zones… and are controlled by certain Religious groups.

But keep waving those ‘refugees welcome’ signs, right?

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