Trump’s Making Americans Proud In Europe – Aren’t You Glad Obama’s Gone?

Published on July 6, 2017

Hey, Democrats… you know that ‘Putin’s puppet’ narrative you’ve been pushing? What have you got to say for yourselves now?

We have heard nothing but jokes and innuendo about Trump for months now.

Morning Joe and Mika were calling him ‘Putin’s hostage’.

Stephen Colbert threw a homosexual slur his way.

They weren’t quite so bold in denouncing Obama’s failures, whether doing nothing about Russia between August and November or that silly ‘reset button’ or Obama’s embarrassing (some have called it treasonous) hot-mic moment with Russia.

What about Crimea? Canada’s Prime Minster (Harper) told Putin — in person — to ‘get out of Ukraine. Obama said no such thing. He was too busy leading from behind. Later, he tried to save face:

PATRIOTS: Putin & His Boys Call Obama An ‘Angry SHALLOW Brained Loser’ – Do YOU Agree?

But now Obama is gone. And Trump is on the scene.

Let’s take a look at his visit to Europe:

“President Donald Trump browbeat Russia on Thursday for its ‘destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere and its support for hostile regimes including Syria and Iran’ and urged Vladimir Putin’s government to join the US and its allies in the fight against violent extremism.”

…And he did not mention Russia by name in his remarks to the Polish people when he committed the US making sure they are ‘never again held hostage to a single supplier of energy.’
But turning to threats against the West later in his speech in front a memorial to the Warsaw Uprising, Trump railed against ‘the steady creep of government bureaucracy,’ ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ and ‘powers that seek to test our will, undermine our confidence and challenge our interests.’
‘To meet new forms of aggression, including propaganda, financial crimes and cyber warfare, we must adapt our lives to compete effectively in new ways and on all new battlefields,’ he said in a direct reference to Moscow’s meddling.
Speaking to thousands of cheering Poles, Trump called their nation ‘the geographic heart of Europe’ and praising their countrymen for shaking off both Nazi oppressors and Russian occupiers in the last century.
‘That’s trouble. That’s tough,’ he exclaimed.
‘In those dark days, you have lost your land but you never lost your pride.’

Trump delivered his address in Krasinski Square, at the foot of a statue commemorating the 1944 Polish uprising against German occupiers. He and first lady Melania Trump laid a wreath at its base.
Speaking behind bulletproof glass, the US president said Poles are ‘a people who truly know the value of what you defend.’
He urged them to uphold ‘a future in which good conquers evil.’
They repeatedly chanted ‘USA, USA’ and ‘Donald Trump! Donald Trump!’
Trump had earlier met the Polish president and warned that the future of the West is in doubt.
In a speech to the public he praised Poland’s ‘will to survive’ because they ‘have never, ever forgotten who they are.’ –Read More

That’s quite a difference in leadership style, don’t you think?

If Obama had learned some of the principles in this book, he might have been a better leader, and undoubtedly a better man.

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