Paul Ryan’s Approval Rating Plummets — Are You Surprised?

Written by K. Walker on July 19, 2017

Now this one is a real shocker, right? For anyone NOT paying attention, that is.

Paul Ryan was very critical of Donald Trump during the primaries.

He was caught on tape speaking ill of the President and that he’d never support him.

Well, he to eat his words in order to keep his job.

We have a file photo:

He’s so utterly ‘principled’ that we can’t even get any policy out of the guy.

What a schmuck.

Judge Janine Pirro had suggested that it was time for Ryan to step down and let someone capable take the reigns when the first healt care bill failed.

But President Trump continues to try push his agenda and Ryan just can’t deliver.

To be fair, the latest health care bill made it to the Senate, but it was filled with a whole lot of crap before it got there.

Ryan is now more unpopular than he was viewed favorably just a few months ago.

More people now view the House speaker in a negative light rather than a positive one, 48 percent to 34 percent, according to a Bloomberg National Poll, conducted July 8-12. In December, 31 percent held a negative view, while 47 percent looked at him favorably.

It’s a dramatic turn for one of the Republican Party’s biggest stars and its 2012 vice presidential nominee. The approval rating decline for Ryan is the largest among GOP leaders measured by the Bloomberg survey — and exceeds the drop in approval for the party, Congress and Trump.

Quite the fall for Ryan.

And embarrassing to the entire Republican Party.

Ryan, 47, of Wisconsin, started the year promising a quick repeal of Obamacare to kick off an era of conservative victories with Trump in the White House and Congress under Republican control. Yet now, after he won House approval for his unpopular replacement by promising reluctant Republicans that the Senate would fix it, the upper chamber has abandoned its version of the legislation because it didn’t gain enough support.
Source: Bloomberg News

Paul Ryan had promised for 7 years that ObamaCare would be repealed and replaced, and it’s just not happening.

We’ve been promised tax cuts, too.

Will he bungle that one as well?

He’s just showing himself as an ineffective leader.

This is hardly the kind of behavior that we’d want from someone that was a Vice Presidential candidate and a man that is now two heartbeats away from the Oval Office.

We know it must not be the easiest thing in the world to get the different factions of the Republican Party to agree, but come on!

Here at ClashDaily, we have a theory on why Ryan’s numbers are dropping.

This might help bring them back up:

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