Uh-Oh: USPS Broke The Law When They Allowed Employees To Work For Hillary’s Campaign

Written by K. Walker on July 19, 2017

How did they NOT know that this was against the law? Or maybe they did know and just didn’t care…

The United States Postal Service violated the Hatch Act by permitting employees to work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign while on leave and receiving compensation through their PAC.

The investigation was launched several months ago after Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) brought forward constituent complaints to the Office of Special Counsel.

The OSC determined the USPS “engaged in systemic violations” of the Hatch Act, a federal law that limits certain political activities of federal employees. While employees are allowed to do some political work on leave, the report said the Postal Service showed a “bias” favoring the union’s 2016 campaign operation…

…The constituent, identified as a USPS employee, was concerned the Postal Service “incurred unnecessary overtime costs” and “improperly coordinated” with the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) when it released members for several weeks of “union official” leave without pay to participate in campaign work.

The Labor 2016 program sought to ‘elect Hillary Clinton and pro-worker candidates across the country,’” the report said, citing campaign work like door-to-door canvassing, phone banks and other get-out-the-vote efforts.

According to the report, roughly 97 NALC members requested the leave without pay to participate. The NALC, which endorsed Clinton last June, compensated those USPS workers using the Letter Carrier Political Fund, the union’s PAC.

According to the OSC report, 82 percent of the illegal activity occurred in battleground states: Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The report says that it came from the top.

According to OSC Acting Special Counsel Adam Miles, the NALC provided lists of letter carriers to participate in campaign activity to a senior headquarters USPS labor relations official, who then emailed the lists to other USPS officials across the country. According to Miles, the local officials “interpreted the communications as directives” from USPS headquarters to release the carriers on union official leave without pay.
Source: Fox News

Of course, they’re saying it’s ‘unintentional’.

Watch the Fox News report:

It’s on their website under the completely ambiguous heading, ‘The Hatch Act — Permitted and Prohibited Activities for Employees‘:

Postal Service employees may not:
Use official authority or influence to interfere with an election.
Solicit, receive, or collect political contributions unless both individuals are members of the same federal labor organization or employee organization, and the one solicited is not a subordinate employee.
Knowingly solicit or discourage the political activity of any person who has business before the agency.
Engage in political activity while on duty, wearing an official uniform, using a government vehicle, or in any government office.
Solicit political contributions from the general public.
Solicit or receive political contributions.
Be candidates for public office in partisan elections.
Wear political buttons on duty.

How can you trust a government agency that doesn’t follow the law?

Well, there’s yet another reason to switch over to UPS or FedEx.

It all sorta makes sense, though, doesn’t it?

Some USPS employees want a leader that treats the country the way they treat our packages.

Yo, USPS union bosses, you really need this.

(Don’t worry, you can order it on Amazon and get it shipped via UPS.)

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