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News Clash

What This ‘Teacher’s Aid’ Did To Kids Will Make You Want To Home School Your Child

Had this happened in a Church, all Churches would be blamed. But since it happened here, this will be treated as an ‘isolated incident’.

Would you leave your kids in a school that let this happen? Even if they found the Pedophile and charged him?

It seems every time we turn around, we see a story about teachers sexually assaulting students. When the women do it, they make it into a joke. When a man does it, like this time, it’s seen as the outrage that it really is.

(It seems like a sexist double-standard for the Left to maintain, but they don’t seem to mind the double-standard.)

As bad as the abuse of children is, this is worse… Three times over.

He didn’t just abuse a child. He may have abused TEN of them.

…‘It is devastating to us that something like this could take place in a classroom – in a school building where adults are charged with taking care of children.’
Investigators who have reviewed evidence say they have identified seven students on videotapes made by Bell. —Daily Mail

He also videotaped it.

Carlos Deangelo Bell, 30, allegedly produced videos featuring at least seven students both on school property, in his home, and at other locations, according to WJLA-TV.
Bell worked as a teacher’s aide at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School in Waldorf.
He was also a track coach for La Plata high School and an employee at JP Ryon Elementary in Waldorf and McDonough High School in Pomfret.

There was one other thing…

Did we mention he had HIV?

In December, police received a tip from a parent alleging that Bell was engaging in questionable behavior with one of his students on the track team.
‘A parent observed suspicious text messages on a child’s phone that were sexual in nature,’ Sheriff Troy Berry said.
After his arrest, Bell informed law enforcement officials that he was HIV positive.

He had the audacity to do this both at his house and on school property.

Such stories are happening more and more commonly in our public school system.

Share if we need HUGE jail time for anyone who will betray a child’s trust.