Twisted: Viral Video Shows Parents Teaching Little Kids Something Completely Age Inappropriate

Written by K. Walker on July 12, 2017

We’re all for honesty and openness in parenting, but there is such thing as age-appropriate information.

After all, when your 3-year old asks, ‘Why is the sky blue?‘ Do you discuss the relative wavelength of red vs. blue light and how the atmospheric particles scatter sunlight?

I’m thinking no.

Because if you did (and you didn’t have an absolute genius on your hands,) you’d get one frustrated and confused kid.

These parents thought it would be a great idea to discuss age-inappropriate material on YouTube.

The video currently has almost a million views.

The topic of conversation: Masturbation.

And it was pretty graphic.

With hand movements, sex toys and very frank talk. Including one parent saying, ‘You kinda do it a lot‘ and another answering a question by her son if she’d ever used a sex toy.

Watch the discomfort of the kids in this video.

When you talk openly about masturbation with your kid, but still use the phrase ‘Your big sissy’ when referring to the female sibling of the child you are talking to… that’s an indicator that it’s not an age-appropriate conversation for your child.

And by the way, how would ‘Big Sissy’ feel about having her frequent masturbation discussed openly on a YouTube video that has now gone viral?

The most horrible part is when the parents ask the kids if they have ever done it.

Putting the kids on the spot.

On camera.

The second most horrific part would have to be the portion of the video where the parents admit to masturbating.

In pretty graphic terms.

You people are HORRIBLE parents.

You know what I’d love…

What is with the graphic sex education to young children?

Why do they want these kids to start learning about masturbation with sex toys at their age? You know, they’re called ‘adult’ toys for a reason.

Do they even need to discuss how the opposite sex does it?

It’s just sick.

There is a way to handle these issues properly, and this is not it.

But those on the anything-goes Left want to make sure that every single sexual practice is taught by the time a kid hits puberty.

Look at the recent Teen Vogue article on anal sex.

They do leave a lot out of the sex talks, though.

Did you notice what is always left out of these sex talks?





The outrage on the right is pushing back against this kind of thing.

Do leftists really want pedophilia to be rampant?

Why else would you teach a little girl how to give a hand job?

What else are these ‘frank’ sex talks for?

Salon, a Left-wing online magazine has given voice to an admitted pedophile Todd Nickerson, and was shamed into taking the article down.

Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars explains:

Nickerson first rose to prominence when gave him a column to explain how lusting after children was merely an alternative “sexual orientation” and that people should be “understanding and supportive” towards pedophiles.

This was followed by another on-camera piece during which Nickerson described how he masturbated over a 5-year-old girl he was babysitting while Salon illustrated his words with dream-like b-roll of a young girl in a pink dress dancing and twirling.

Only after nearly a year and a huge backlash did Salon finally remove all content on their website related to Nickerson.
Read more: InfoWars

Another very disturbing point (there seems to be no end of them!) is that the above video was on the YouTube Trending list, which is not organic, but videos promoted by YouTube — they wanted the video to go viral.

There is a real problem with pedophiles on YouTube. (LANGUAGE WARNING)

Blaire White has a second video on it here.

Watch Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy handle some of the disturbing prevalence of sexualizing children: (WARNING: LANGUAGE AND GRAPHIC CONTENT)

Let me sum up: Beware of YouTube.

Hold onto your kids.

Know what they’re watching.

Talk to them about what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate.

Otherwise, they’ll be getting their info somewhere else.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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