Ballsy Bro Puts Islamic ‘No Go Zones’ In Non-Muslim Countries On Full Blast

Published on August 15, 2017

What the Left tells us don’t even exist has been visited and exposed by someone who was once, himself, a Muslim.

In fact, Raheem Kassam researched and wrote a book on the topic, called ‘No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You‘.

Go back and read his name again.

Will the Left be denouncing him as ‘Islamophobic’, ‘racist’ and ‘uninformed’?

We’re calling it now. Yes. They Will ABSOLUTELY do that.

Or at least they will try.

It shouldn’t surprise us, seeing how they celebrated Linda Sarsour (who is tied to Hamas), while marginalizing Ayaan Hirsi Ali who has been widely critical of Islam for its approval of FGM (of which she was personally a victim) and Sharia Law (with its unfair treatment of women).

They destroy anyone who makes them look bad.

When Republicans had Herman Cain in the Primaries, they had to destroy him. It would hurt their Narrative.

When Joe the Plumber put a human face on Obama’s Eat The Rich policy, they had to destroy him.

Now that someone is ‘attacking’ (read: exposing problems within) the group the Left has chosen as it’s fashionable special interest group, what do you REALLY think the Left will do?

Will they cry out in dismay about how Regressive and Oppressive these behaviors are? (Their whole ‘schtick’ is based on standing up to oppression, isn’t it?)

Or will they lash out at the guy who has pulled back the curtain on the Great And Powerful Oz?

We’re predicting the latter. So you might want to watch the clip before the Left decides to classify it as ‘hate’ that needs censoring.

Especially those bits about the massive welfare, and police not even being able to enter unless they have permission from neighborhood leaders.

Oh, and the massive Welfare levels in those no-go zones, too. Thank you Lefties. Because it wan’t enough that they be unemployed in whatever Suckistan they came from. The have to carve out a NEW Suckistan in some Western country — with benefits.

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