Woman Caught With Lots Of Drugs Hidden In A Very Weird Place

Stupid criminals? Yeah, we’re used to those. But come on… SERIOUSLY, are there no limits?

Some stories will affect your appetite. This is one of those stories.

On this video, you will see a rather LARGE package of drugs.

The problem is, that it was ‘concealed’.

In a really improbable place.

She got caught.

(Content warning. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. It’s nasty.)

It’s a damned good thing the cop was wearing gloves.

But did you see the size of that package of Drugs? What the hell was she thinking?

She was walking around like that? HOW is that even possible?

I’ve been served smaller sandwiches at Subway.

Shouldn’t some sort of red flag have gone up in that woman’s mind?

Something along the lines of ‘I’m seriously thinking about putting a very large bundle of some highly toxic — lethal even — substances in… ‘THERE’. Have I maybe — just maybe — taken a wrong turn somewhere in life?

We’re guessing she’ll have a chance to contemplate such thoughts in prison.

Hats off to the poor lady cop that had to ‘recover the evidence’.

That’s a ‘dirty job’ that even Mike Rowe wouldn’t want to do.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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