‘Bannon The Barbarian’ Is Gonna Unleash Hell … But On Whom?

Published on August 19, 2017

It’s gonna be ‘gloves off’ for ‘Bannon the Barbarian’.

The Left loves to play up Palace Intrigue in a Republican Presidency. They aren’t even pretending to be objective anymore.

After they pound… and pound… and pound Bannon with baseless attacks about him being a racist (despite the fact that none of his former employees over at Breitbart — including two Jewish men and people of a variety of ethnic backgrounds — ever called him racist) Bannon is stepping down from his position in the White House.

What have the media concluded?

They actually believe that Bannon, who now knows all the inside baseball over there, is going to unleash Hell on Trump.

They’re WAY off.

But they ARE right about the Unleash Hell part.

“If there’s any confusion out there, let me clear it up: I’m leaving the White House and going to war for Trump against his opponents — on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America,” —Bloomberg

Going to war? Yes. Against Trump? Eh, no.

“I feel jacked up,” he said. “Now I’m free. I’ve got my hands back on my weapons. Someone said, ‘it’s Bannon the Barbarian.’ I am definitely going to crush the opposition. There’s no doubt.”
…“I built a f***ing machine at Breitbart. And now I’m about to go back, knowing what I know, and we’re about to rev that machine up. And rev it up we will do.” –Blaze

As far as the staffing changes in the West Wing representing the administration signaling they are ‘turning a page’, Bannon seems to think so.

“The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over,” he told the Weekly Standard. “We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency. But that presidency is over. It’ll be something else. And there’ll be all kinds of fights, and there’ll be good days and bad days, but that presidency is over.” –Blaze

As one person commented on Twitter after the announcement…

Bannon is out. Now what? #BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor

Capitol Hill… Media… Corporate America…

This is gonna get good…

Oh, and in case that didn’t make the message clear enough for you, THIS was making the rounds on the internet:

The radical Left should be absolutely terrified that Stephen K. Bannon has resigned from the Administration and resumed his role at Breitbart. We, on the other hand, should be celebrating this great moment. We’re about to go to war for our President and we’re going BIBLICAL off the bat.
As Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon was privy to the same classified information as our President. Everything our President knew about… Steve Bannon knew about. He has resumed his role at Breitbart and is now, once again, protected by the same Constitutional shield law for journalists. This was his investigation into the inner-workings of our Government.
The Russian investigation? He knows everything about it.
Clinton? He knows everything about the case.
The NSA? Everything.
Aliens? Probably.
Kennedy? Absolutely.
Our domestic programs. Our international programs. Our black budget. The works. He knows it all.
Now the media can’t go after Steve Bannon or Breitbart without going directly assaulting the same laws and protections that shield CNN and Washington Post. These laws are absolutely championed by everyone on the Left. They can’t spin this. Breitbart is a news organization and Steve Bannon is a well known journalist.
Besides – good luck getting President Trump or Vice President Pence to go after them let alone a Justice Department under them.
It’s over. We win. This was their goal. Our goal. We’re going to bring the whole rotten establishment and deep state down. They can’t stop it anymore.
We. Won.

Welcome to the Culture War.

Don’t forget your helmet.

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