Muslim Adult Film Star Tries To Reconcile Job & Islam … Yes, It’s Weird

Published on August 19, 2017

Isn’t this the same religion that still stones women for infidelity?

She has officially been banned from Pakistan.

Because she did the sex scenes while dressed in traditional Islamic clothing.

Hold up a minute… how did anyone in Pakistan even KNOW she had done that?

Hmmmm…? A little self-incrimination, anyone?

That dude had better delete his browser history in a hurry to hide any references to ‘Islam Gone Wild’ or whatever. It could get him in trouble.

She was a broke chick working in a salon, threading eyebrows. Her friend(?) heard her complaining and invited her to go ‘dancing’, even provided the heels.

Making $500 that first night, Nadia was hooked.

“I like F*****G people’s minds.”

(Translation: She likes the money. It’s the real reason she’s there. If there were no cash in it, she’d do something else.)

She opens by saying ‘Sure I have conflicts between my faith and my day-to-day-life, but who doesn’t?’

Are you seriously asking that question?

Can I have “people who don’t make a living by doing that which is forbidden by their religion”, Alex?

Lemme guess. You have sex with strangers for money on film, but you don’t touch pork, because it’sunclean’, right?

A girl has gotta have some standards, amirite?

Here’s the video where she tries to pass her life off as ‘normal’.


‘I would not get a lot of work if I did not wear hijabs and scarves’.

‘I’m not ok with that. But it was good for the viewers and I got what I wanted out of it. I did get the publicity.

She is quite literally Prostituting not just herself, but Islam. For a fast buck.

But hey, she’s ‘devout, yo!’

Listen to how she talks about ‘her faith’.

Oh… it’s ‘Instructional’ is it? How ‘altruistic’ of her.

‘I practice Islam for the sake of peace and guidelines of life.’

Give her a Gold star for missing the point of religious morality.

Doesn’t Islam mean ‘Submit’ or something? I guess she never got the memo.

There’s that lingering question about what happens if the call to prayer comes up during filming. But really… there is no real ‘right’ answer to that one, either.

If you think Hypocrisy looks bad in HER messed-up religion…

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