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Big Democratic Donor Just SNAPPED – What He Did To His Wife & Daughter Is DEMONIC

He was a millionaire NY businessman who was once thanked — by name — in Cuomo’s book.

What happened since then to make the bottom drop out?

The housekeeper found Steven Dym (56), his wife(50), and their daughter(18) dead in their million-dollar mansion. It is an apparent case of murder-suicide.

This doesn’t fit neatly into the narrative of Republicans being bitter, dangerous and trigger-happy, does it?

The house had been up for sale for quite awhile.

Steven and his wife were both business professionals.

Dym was the CEO of Gabriel Management in New York City, a realty company founded by his father.
Loretta was a businesswoman and vice president of Club Quarters Hotels in Manhattan and a volunteer with Make-A-Wish foundation. — DailyMail

Cuomo’s office said there’s been no contact for years.

They’ve had a rummage sale, or garage sale, or tag sale (whichever name you know it by) recently as well.

Was it money trouble? Or something else?

It’s not the first time his family has seen violence, either:

This was not the first instance of violence between members of the Dym family in the Westchester home.
Dym’s mother Paula was sent to a psychiatric hospital in 1992 after attacking his father Lawrence with a hatchet while he slept, USA Today reported.
Lawrence survived the incident and Paula was placed in a mental care facility. — DailyMail

Whatever happened, this has got to be absolutely devastating for two people:

The Housekeeper who had to walk in on it…

And the 20-year-old son who has to pick up the pieces of his shattered family.

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