Gnarly Older Woman Picks Fight With Young Girl Who Swiftly Takes Her To Paintown

Published on August 29, 2017

More video that could be filed under the category of ‘Don’t Start It If You Can’t Finish It’…

An older woman and a younger woman get into an altercation in what looks like the lobby of a hotel or perhaps an apartment.

The argument has obviously escalated and is nearing physical violence by the time the video is taken.

The younger woman is taking off her shoes — just in case she has to use her fists to get her point across.


And the older woman complains that she’s been hit while she’s 3-months pregnant.

But she kept picking at the young woman anyway.

It was just not the smartest thing to do.

And that girl wailing on that allegedly pregnant woman — was that not a wee bit extreme?

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