‘Major’ Liberal ‘Newsman’ Goes On F-BOMB Laced Twitter Tirade Against Trump – It’s INSANE

Published on August 29, 2017

A quick look at his Twitter feed and you’d think this guy is trying very hard to make Rosie O’Donut seem level-headed.

[Language warning for the tweets we’re citing.]

Does he think he’s ‘edgy’ or something? His gig isn’t very original.

Even people who have taken massive head trauma generally have no trouble swearing incoherently and spouting nonsense.

On that point, has Keith Olbermann taken any hits to the head lately?

His Twitter feed is looking like it is suffering from some sort of digital equivalent of Tourette’s syndrome. Without the reasonable explanation of a medical condition.

Judge for yourself.

Let’s go back to the beginning. This latest round was triggered by either Hurricane Harvey or the announcement that Sheriff Joe would be pardoned.

Olbermann is coming off as a sad and bitter man.

He is endlessly bitter and sarcastic because he has nothing to add to the conversation.

Sounds JUST like Antifa, doesn’t he? Probably would cheer that curb-stomping of the unarmed man in Berkley, too.

We don’t remember any Olbermann rage when Obama did that Bergdahl swap, or let all those cocaine and meth dealers back into society (at the very END of his presidency, when any bump in crime wouldn’t reflect upon him) or over Fast&Furious, or Manning. etcetera, etcetera, etcetera — do you?

Loyal, brave Patriots? Plenty of such Americans have been barred from service for physical or mental inability to perform the job as required. Will you next crusade be for Asthmatics to enter military service?

With suicide so prevalent already among the armed forces, and transgendered people being one of the absolute highest risk groups for suicide, you would think this might actually save lives! Why would you want to RAISE their suicide risk, Keith?

On the latter point, what does ‘on site and ready to respond’ mean to YOU, little Keith?

He made this point more than once:

Here’s what CNN said:

President Donald Trump issued a major disaster declaration as Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on Friday evening. Trump directed federal aid toward the state’s recovery efforts in affected areas, the White House said in a statement. [Emhpasis added]

Is CNN a ‘Nazi sympathizer’ and ‘shill’ for Trump’s government in your little world now, too?

Speaking of Nazi sympathizer… he wasn’t even CLOSE to done yet.

Funny how they never expand on what the ties actually are. When studied, no one was able to come up with a single believable or confirmable Gorka tie to anything remotely close to Nazi or anti-semitic groups. From the Washington Examiner,

While many progressives and opponents of the regime accept with certainty that Gorka is a Nazi, a white nationalist, or an extremist, they have not been able to find a single statement or essay by Gorka or account of his speeches or comments supporting such positions. Given the volume of his previous writing, that should have been a red flag. The Nazi accusation is about as logical as concluding that a  picture of Gorka absent his glasses represents a secret  endorsement of the Khmer Rouge.

But let’s call him a Nazi anyway. This is the hallucination stage. —PJNet

Hallucination stage, in case you were wondering,  was one argument in the case they were making that Olbermann’s behavior mirrors someone stricken with rabies.

What else was there? In no particular order:

Oh. That one was classy. Calls a woman a MF-er.

That’s sexist AND (technically) a homophobic slur. And says she will do less damage than #Harvey.

That’s not diminishing the real suffering of Texans at all, is it?

Why do you hate seeing women in positions of influence, Keith, except when they agree with you?

Isn’t that a tad bit ‘Patriarchal?’

Do you think there is any explanation for the unrelenting effluent flowing out of his twitter account?

What’s driving this imbicility?

Or right. He’s an attention whore.

He’s the guy who has (so far) published the same video clip on his Twitter account fourteen times in the last day:

Oh, and ‘coincidence’ … he’s plugging a book.

…Trashing Trump.

…A book whose full title we couldn’t print in a headline.

Keep it classy, Keith.

For the rest of you, friends don’t let friends become a ‘Keith’.

Have an intervention. Give them this:

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Share if Keith is in no position to be questioning anyone else’s mental fitness.