Let’s Play, ‘What’s Bill Thinking?’ – Here’s Our Best Guesses

Published on August 8, 2017

Bill has had some hilarious candids, in many cases, the kind he’d wish the camera had never caught. Like this one.

We’ve watched his candids make headlines before.

You may remember his dead-man-walking expression when Trump invited some women Bill had ‘known’ before.

That ‘I’m with Her’ pin was painfully awkward in this one, isn’t it? This captured the expression when the topic of ‘rape’ came up in the debate. As far as father-daughter moments go, few could compare to that level of ‘awkward’.

Some were just hilarious. Like the time he looked stoned while the balloons fell. (But don’t try to take Bill’s balloon, kid. He’ll CUT you.)

Some were just his leering. Like that time he got busted by Hillary for checking out Ivanka. Ouch, you just KNOW she made him pay for that one later.

What are we to make of this photo?

Is he stifling a laugh at Hillary? Or has he seen a babe he’d rather be going home to?

He could be laughing about this being the closest thing Hillary has worn to a dress since Tina Fey started mocking her ‘cankles’.

Or that she puts the ‘moo’ in Mu-mu.

Or that he can’t believe she got suckered into paying for that ‘high-fashion’ tarp.

(Did it flap like a flag when she farted?)

Or maybe that the upside of being on the Pro-Sharia ticket is that eventually he wouldn’t have to see her face in public anymore.

Or maybe it wasn’t her at all. Maybe it was just Bill being Bill.

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