LMAO! Christian Wussies Are Returning Their Diploma Because Of … Trump?!?

Written by K. Walker on August 22, 2017

Triggered little Snowflakes are sending back their diplomas because they just can’t handle the President of their Alma Mater supporting President Trump.

Well, that’s good.

These graduates might be embarrassed by their University, but frankly, their University should be embarrassed by them.

In my not so humble opinion, they don’t deserve a diploma if they’re acting like toddlers.

Should Ben Shapiro mail back his diplomas from UCLA and Harvard? It’s unlikely that the presidents of those institutions held the same political views as he does.

But these little wussies are saying that they have a voice and they want to be heard.

Yeah, they have a voice alright.

It sounds a little like this:

[Note: One of the Editors in the ClashDaily newsroom thought that this video was actually of Mika Brzezinski. Hilarious!]

So where are these Snowflakes from?

A small but growing number of Liberty University graduates are preparing to return diplomas to their school. The graduates are protesting university President Jerry Falwell Jr.’s ongoing support for Trump. They began organizing after Trump’s divisive remarks about the deadly white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, Va.

Liberty University? Really?

Check out their reasons… these people are a wee bit — how shall I say it — thick.

Chris Gaumer, a former Student Government Association president and 2006 graduate, said it was a simple decision.

“I’m sending my diploma back because the president of the United States is defending Nazis and white supremacists,” Gaumer said. “And in defending the president’s comments, Jerry Falwell Jr. is making himself and, it seems to me, the university he represents, complicit.”

Defending Nazis and White Supremacists?



Give me a precise example of when he did that.

Do you mean these comments from 2000 and onwards:

Or the more recent time that he denounced them:

Apparently, it was a couple of tweets by Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. that has triggered these Snowflake graduates.

After the initial statement on the violence in Charlottesville where the Media (D)’s collective heads exploded when President Trump said there was violence on ‘all sides’,  Falwell tweeted:

President Trump was accused of not calling out the racist white supremacists enough after the death of Heather Heyer.

That still doesn’t make his statement wrong.

Antifa has been wearing masks, carrying weapons and using violence to achieve their political ends. Because nothing says ‘I oppose fascism‘ than wearing all black and a mask and beating people that disagree with me with sticks and throwing urine on them.

When President Trump clearly denounced the racists, Falwell tweeted again:

What’s the problem with the tweets?

The only thing is that they supported President Trump, and you know that that triggers leftists.



Liberty issued a (slightly snarky) statement:

Liberty University strongly supports our students’ right to express their own political opinions, including any opposition they have to their school leader’s relationship with this President of the US, just as other students may have opposed leadership of liberal institutions supporting previous Presidents. The tactic of returning diplomas has been used by students of many other schools to draw attention to various causes, but let’s also remember that those same diplomas are quite helpful in helping these graduates secure well-paying jobs.

(Good job, Liberty!)

Some Liberty graduates see Falwell’s association with Trump as both a personal liability and a moral embarrassment. Rebekah Tilley graduated from Liberty in 2002 and now works in higher education in Iowa.

“I was to the point where I didn’t even want to include my alma mater on my resume when I was applying for jobs, just because I think that can be so loaded,” Tilley said. “There’s such a strong affiliation now between Liberty University and President Trump that you know that reflects badly on all alumni.”
Source: NPR

So, liberal universities that hand out coloring books and crayons, that offer trigger warnings and safe spaces, that de-platform speakers for ‘wrongthink’, and that demand the use of nonsense words like ‘ze and zir’ because transgender activists aren’t just suffering from ‘gender dysphoria’, they also suffer from ‘linguistic dysphoria’ — those don’t bring shame on their graduates?

How many non-activists graduates do you think are proud of their diplomas from Mizzou or Evergreen State?

Or UCLA Berkeley for that matter? That campus has completely turned its back on the Free Speech movement that was birthed there and embraced censorship.

The last time I checked, we lived in America.

It’s a free country and we can support who we want to.

A university president doesn’t have to cave to the whining whims of their graduates.

Maybe Liberty needs to add this book to their reading list:

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