Mitt, John And Little Marco Join The GOP’s AltLeft Club – Here’s Proof

Written by K. Walker on August 22, 2017

We knew that the GOP was filled with RINOs. But fortunately, social media is outing them. Check this out…

The Leftwing narrative is that there were not ‘many sides’ to the conflict in Charlottesville. The Media (D) will not report that it was hateful bigoted neo-Nazis clashing with hateful, bigoted communists. There were of course, many in Charlottesville that were not anti-American but were attending the counter-protest to oppose blatant racsim. (Personally, I believe that this latter group made up the bulk of the ‘counter-protest’ that didn’t have a permit to assemble.)

Lost in the mix are the people that don’t want to stand with white supremacists but still think it’s wrong to tear down statues because they represent something in the country’s history that we’re not proud of, because it’s still a part of our history.

Nope, the Media (D) says that on one side it’s white supremacists and Nazis, the other side are good Americans standing up agianst it.

That’s the Alt-Facts from the AltLeft ‘Fake News’ Media (D).

It’s also the position of Mitt Romeny, John McCain, and Marco Rubio, who all have an ‘R’ after their name for some reason.

First, Mitt Romeny and John McCain cowed to the prevailing narrative:

What these two men did in less than 140 characters, is pretty nasty.

But wait! There’s more!

Not to be outdone, Little Marco went way further in a tweet storm that completely absolved Antifa thugs of any voilence:




Ok, let’s get this clear: there is no justification ever to white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Nazis, the KKK, and any other white nationalist group that believes in racial superiority. That is absolutely stupid.

And it was only one group that led to the horrific death of Heather Heyer.

But it is important to point out that this ‘national rally’ in Charlottesville brought out about 500 people according to The Atlantic. Some numbers say it’s much lower at around 100 with some outlets even reporting 50 or less.

Every single one of those people willing to stand there on the side of racism isn’t just problematic — it’s vile.

But I’d rather have these people out in the open than hiding in the shadows. I like that they are showing just how pathetic their numbers are.

To contrast, the ‘counter’ protest was attended by thousands.

It was no comparison.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa were there, and so were many other concerned Americans that were disgusted by a blatant display of racial hatred in Charlottesville.

This image that was lauded by leftists shows that it wasn’t just ‘one side’:

What happened to denouncing every form of voilence?

What is wrong with calling out all sides for their role in exacerbating the situation?

Democrat politicians are completely firewalled from left-wing violence. They are never expected to denounce lefty vandals, brutes, or assassins. Democrat officials routinely look the other way when left-wing thuggery is perpetrated in their precincts — it’s a nationwide epidemic, with outbreaks nearly everywhere Democrats are in charge — but somehow it’s the Republican Party that gets treated as uniquely susceptible to the contagion of extremism.

Every Republican politician jumping on the “Only One Side” bandwagon is endorsing the idea that his or her own constituents are so vulnerable to the siren song of white nationalism that allowing a little group of racist pinheads to congregate in a public place is unacceptably dangerous. Believe me, ladies and gentlemen of the GOP, your acceptance of this narrative will come back to haunt you, no matter how moderate and reasonable you imagine yourself to be.
Source: Breitbart

Oh, right.

The double standard.

That’s why.

This is why even when the GOP wins — they lose.

As bestselling novelist and astute political commentator says, ‘It’s the Evil Party [Democrats] versus the Stupid Party [Republicans]’.

And some in the GOP are behaving as though they are even more stupid than Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi.

And that is just embarrassing.

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