Look Who Hillary’s Blaming For Charlottesville Riots

Published on August 13, 2017

And more importantly, look who she ISN’T blaming.

She is not the only one laying blame where she is, but clearly, in her mind, Charlottesville was completely one-sided.

Of course she would think so.

Let’s recap. However much you might love or hate the ruling, permission was granted by a judge for a lawful rally to happen on Saturday. The official reason for the rally was in response to the proposed removal of the statue of Robert E Lee.

A lawful assembly. Even the ACLU was on their side for it. (Stop and think about that for a minute.)

That could — and should — have been the end of it.

If everyone had been smart enough to ignore it, if people had let them have their little kumbaya moment in front of the statue without a counter-protest showing up, this would never have even made the news.

At most, it would be a local story.

Instead, we’ve got 1 dead and 19 wounded.

Language, even vile and disgusting language is not violence — however much the Left may teach differently in colleges these days.

If this story had been starved of oxygen, or attention, it would have fizzled out and been pointless. And racists on both sides would have been less energized than they are today.

That would have been a win. A BIG one.

But that isn’t how it played out. It turned ugly.

And Hillary is ready to lay blame.

Somebody threw the first punch, or the first bottle, or swung the first board, or sprayed the first pepper spray. We don’t know who it was, and likely never will.

Since we don’t really know which side started the violence, both sides came prepared for violence, with weapons and protective gear and since both sides were participating in the violence, it isn’t an open-and-shut case to say where blame lies.

And if we’re honest, we will say so.

As loathsome as white supremacy is, having a disgusting ideology is not the same as criminal guilt.

(The dude in the car should be treated as a separate criminal incident, and one, it should be noted, that happened after other violence was already underway.)

There once was a time when people knew the difference between being accused and actually being GUILTY of a crime.

Isn’t that what we once admired about men like John Adams? His commitment to actually determining guilt or innocence before rushing to judgment?

If Adams could find it in himself defend the legal rights of British redcoats in a trial just a few short years before he fought for Independence, could we not let the legal system sift out who is guilty of what before we rush to judge who is who?

Isn’t that part of ‘letting cooler heads prevail’?

Maybe the White Supremacists threw the first punch. Maybe the other side that calls everyone who disagrees with them a ‘nazi’ and uses that as a free pass to incite violence did. (Hint: that’s at least as evil as the White Supremacists. And, in the case of non-violent white supremacists, it’s objectively MORE evil that they are.)

But if Hillary feels so strongly about being ‘strong in their words and deliberate in their actions’ and how the ‘incitement of hatred’ is real and condemnable, shall an apology to the police across this great nation be forthcoming?

After all, she chose the day of the assassination of several Dallas police officers to lay the accusation of systemic racism on the police:

“Second, let’s acknowledge that implicit bias still exists across society and even in the best police departments. We have to tackle it together.

That was an affirmation — if not a justification — of the murderer’s motives, Hillary.

Not cool.

Maybe instead of pointing fingers, and leveraging racial divisions to win elections, we can start finding solutions and common ground.

How about doing that, Hillary. Instead of adding more fuel to racial tensions.

Trump’s tweet, calling for unity WAS the message we most needed to hear.

Hopefully, people will listen.
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